The Best PC Gaming Headsets in 2015

gamingheadsetsThe video game industry is highly competitive; 58% of Americans play video games. That’s a lot of people! Consider that the average video gamer has been playing games for 12 years. Many people enjoy casual competition while gaming—and winning is better than losing, right? Online  gaming provides many opportunities for competition from the comfort of your own home. Today there are numerous video game accessories that will give the casual video game player a competitive edge from the comfort of their home—the same tools used by competitive players.

One popular accessory—particularly among FPS (First Person Shooter) players—is a great headset. There are many kinds of headsets available in the market today. It can be confusing when trying to choose the best gaming headset that you can buy.

Which are my top best gaming headsets?

Among the headsets I’ve researched so far, the following are on my top 5 list. I picked a combination that wasn’t platform specific, instead focusing on the reality that many of us own more than one platform and may not be able to buy multiple high-end headsets

How do I find the best gaming headset?

Finding the best gaming headset can be tricky since each player will have different needs. I’ve created a list of features below and provided some information on each feature along with recommendations to help you find the best gaming headset.

The Best PC Gaming Headsets Under $50
Plantronics GameCom 780 Surround Sound Stereo PC Gaming Headset

Plantronics GameCom 780 Gaming Headset with Surround Sound - USB Compatible with PC Plantronics GameCom 780 Gaming Headset with Surround Sound - USB Compatible with PC
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Product Description

The Plantronics GameCom 780 USB headset with Dolby technologies transforms standard audio into a stunning 7.1 surround sound experience. The noise-canceling mic kills background noise so your commands are loud and clear. When you need to take a break, built-in spin joints let the earpods lay flat for easy storage. Need to adjust volume? No problem. The controls are right on the earpods so you'll always have eyes on. The GameCom 780 is built to last with superhero-strength cords and joints; ultra-comfortable ear cushions and headband let you stay in the game for as long as it takes.Cable length 6.5 feet (2 meters).


  • EXCEPTIONAL AUDIO PERFORMANCE: Dolby and Pro Logic LLX technologies transform standard audio into a stunning 7.1 surround sound gaming experience.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Lightweight and soft ear cushions extend comfort for all day wear including music, gaming, and phone calls.
  • NOISE CANCELING MICROPHONE: Eliminates distracting background noise for Skype and Internet phone calls to make your voice sound crisp and clear.
  • EASE OF USE: Plug-and-play functionality requires no software or complicated software; just plug USB connector into device.
  • COMPATABILITY: Headset works with PCs for all music, gaming, and internet calls uses.


The Best PC Gaming Headsets Under $100
SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full-Size USB Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-Size Gaming Headset - (Black) SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-Size Gaming Headset - (Black)
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Product Description

Based on the award-winning SteelSeries Siberia Full-size Headset, the v2 features major enhancements in sound quality and comfort plus the addition of a built-in microphone that can be retracted into the ear-cup - making it virtually invisible. Every element of the v2 has been optimized for pro gaming, making the headset a preferred piece of equipment for the worlds' best competitive PC gamers - the most demanding headset users in the world. Sporting 25% larger 50mm driver units, the SteelSeries Siberia Full-size Headset dramatically boosts overall acoustic performance, while the closed type ear cups are built from a sound dampening foam offering passive noise reduction.


  • Closed ear headphones
  • Pull-out microphone
  • Crystal clear high, low and mid-tones
  • 50mm driver units
  • Lightweight suspension construction
  • Integrated volume control located on the cord

The Best PC Gaming Headsets Between $100 and $150
Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Wrath Wireless Gaming Headset

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Wrath Wireless Gaming Headset for PC and Mac with THX Studio Pro (GH0180) Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Wrath Wireless Gaming Headset for PC and Mac with THX Studio Pro (GH0180)
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Product Description

Unleash the power of Sound Blaster and THX TruStudio Pro on your PC or Mac without the wires. The special edition Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath Wireless Headset combines the legendary acoustic engineering prowess of the Sound Blaster team with slick design featuring illuminated ear cups housing massively powerful 50mm Full Spectrum audio drivers, a removable microphone, ear cup volume and mute controls, and uncompressed wireless technology designed and meticulously tuned to deliver THX TruStudio Pro enhanced audio on your PC or Mac. Gaming legends have heard the advantage of Sound Blaster for decades, begin your own legend today and get yours!


  • THX TruStudio Pro sound technologies for PC and MAC goes beyond 5.1 or 7.1 audio solutions and creates unprecedented levels of audio realism including stunning surround effects by producing virtual speakers around, above and below you.
  • Uncompressed wireless technology delivers lag and static free pro-gaming calbier audio to your PC or Mac
  • High powered, no holds barred gaming audio. Massive bass and crispy highs, just how the game designers want you to experience the game
  • Built around a steel core, the Tactic3D Wrath Wireless headset is fabricated to withstand the living room, desktop or backpack. Keep it at home or take it with you without any worries
  • Remove the mic and use the Tactic3D Wrath Wireless as an awesome wireless headphone

The Best PC Gaming Headsets Above $200
Beyerdynamic MMX 300 PC Gaming Premium Digital Headset with Microphone

Beyerdynamic MMX300 PC Gaming Premium Digital Headset with Microphone Beyerdynamic MMX300 PC Gaming Premium Digital Headset with Microphone
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Product Description

Professional performance and high quality previously unknown to gaming fans before now, the MMX 300 now available in the U.S. This professional gaming headset is designed from our General Aviation headset. Now perfected from the complicated conditions within the cockpit where A++ audio and performance is mandatory. The MMX 300 was specialized for the unique demands of extended gaming sessions and unmatched audio performance you would expect from beyerdynamic. beyerdynamic was been manufacturing high end headphones and headsets for decades! These products are used in the live broadcast, live sound and studio recording industries. Product includes a 5 year parts and labor warranty serviceable in the U.S. and carrying case. Equipped with an analog connectors, the listening-speech combination via plug and play becomes a guaranteed maximum gaming experience. The condenser (back electret) microphone, cardioid polar pattern and broad frequency response ensure perfect voice reproduction. At home or “on the road”, the MMX 300 has been designed for everyone who expects more than mediocre audio from mainstream lower quality headsets, mini speakers or built-in PC speakers. If you currently own a gaming headset, and want to upgrade to the best ... the MMX 300 will not disappoint you! Compatible with PC and MAC. The flexible headband construction allows hours of playing without fatigue; ear surrounding ear pads snuggle almost unnoticeably around the head of the player.


  • Cockpit tested audio components with impressive speech and playback qualities
  • Digital premium Gaming headset.
  • Sophisticated internal sound card works outside of the PC resulting in no risk of interference
  • MAC and PC friendly also includes Carrying Case
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty only when purchased from an authorized beyerdynamic dealer.



I always check reviews on Amazon before I purchase. Any recommendation you’ll find on this site will have already been reviewed at least on Amazon and possibly other gaming and shopping sites.

Reviews are useful because you’ll find out about product flaws, warranty returns, and compatibility issues. Be careful when reading reviews and don’t let a few bad reviews make your decision particularly if the headset isn’t heavily reviewed. You’ll find that the less expensive headsets (like the X12) garner more reviews than the higher end headsets (like the Turtle Beach XP7).

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